Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'The Tempest' Trailer Drops

Julie Taymor (director) has to her name:
  • 5 Tony Award nominations and 2 wins, Best Costume and Best Director For The Lion King Broadway
  • 7 Drama Desk Award nominations with 3 wins, Oustanding Puppet, Costumes, Direction, The Lion King Broadway 
  • An Emmy win
  • An Oscar nomination for best original song
She is a certified BA in my eyes. If only for being the first woman to win a Tony for directing a musical. She's had time in theater and comes from that, using those honed skills and bringing a uniqueness to film. The Tempest included and directed Anthony Hopkins in the film adapt. Titus, another William Shakespeare play. She's slated to bring Spider-Man to Broadway as a musical. She directed Salma Hayek to her first Oscar nom in Frida. Across The Universe, a play off the Beatles as a musical film she directed in '07, was amazing and it looks as if she has utilized some of those techniques from that, and brought something newer, harsher, more rigid to this one. And very I'm fuckin' stoked.

The film's premise is as awesomely follows:
Prospera's throne is usurped by her brother, and she is sent off on a ship with her four-year-old daughter. They find themselves stranded on an island devoid of society. A power struggle develops between Caliban and Prospera due to her efforts to become a father figure to Miranda.
In Shakespeare's play, Prospero was the Duke of Milan. In the adaptation, Prospera is the wife of the duke. Prospero is changed into a woman to tailor for Mirren, and spice it up. Taymor explains the casting decision:
"I didn't really have a male actor that excited me in mind, and yet there had been a couple of phenomenal females—Helen Mirren being one of them—who [made me think]: 'My God, does this play change? What happens if you make that role into a female role?' "

Taymor held a reading and found that the story could accommodate the change of gender without being gimmicky. Good girl. I love Helen Mirren for a few different reasons. Is it just me or is she still fuckin' sexy? Check out the trailer and let me know.

Tell me you don't wanna go see that? I dare ya!! Ooo boy I'll be there December 10th when this drops for everyone to pee in their pants to. Good thing I'm always strapped with what? Yeah.

Munki stoked and out.

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