Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emma Stone Is Mary Jane Watson Suckas

My sons.
My suckas.
My tree-readin' subjects!

Emma Stone of Superbad, Zombieland and Easy A (her first toplining role right now garnering her boat loads of acclaim) is being expected to receive an official offer from Sony Pictures the role of Mary Jane "Holey Shit I'm So Hot" Watson in the upcoming reboot for Spider-Man.

She's hot, she's actually in the damn age bracket this time, and she's very good. Damn! This is exciting shit for any fans of this stuff.

Since August I've been hearing casting speculations and reports, all of which very well may have been true, but then pulled off the table do to backlash from fandom via the internet, a trick Marvel started using for the comic book casting options. This "expectation to receive and offer" might as well be one of those tricks. She could possibly loose this. That list from August very well may have been the real deal, they probably just didn't like any of them, for different reasons, career rep, career direction (or projection) and past has a lot to do with it, chemistry goes without saying. Then yesterday, all theses bitches are now in the final stretch for either MJ or Gwen.

Mia Wasikowska (Alice In Wonderland) Dianna Agron (Glee),
Georgina Haig
(Wasted on the Young ) and Dominique McElligott (Moon)
With reports saying most were for Gwen Stacy. Gwen Stacy being the first girlfriend of Peter Parker. With things being reported then debunked or finalized in the time they do now, I'm sure it won't take much longer to narrow down the list and cast someone. Argon reportedly tested last night, but she's got her show Glee to worry about, with her being a major part of it. What people aren't saying though, or noticing, is that Stacy dies by the hand of the Green Goblin in the 60's debut of this comic. So she can't be in more than, what maybe 3/4's the first movie? Then I'm sure they'll set-up shop for MJ for things to come.

Yesterday also brought us unconfirmed reports of Venom being brought back via , with Philly Sea as Eddie Brock? I was hearing a few different things about Lizard a while back, us fans have practically been committing suicide over not seeing the creature yet.

Naw son, they probably mean, (since their going with the Ultimate Spider-Man Storyline I hear) that Richard Parker and Eddie Brock Sr. made the symbiote as a way to beat cancer and sum stuff happened as it got onto Eddie Brock Jr. Well that's the comics story-line anyway.

Maybe their retconning it and tuning it into just Eddie Brock sr.? But Venom this early in the game? No. Sorry. And that role wouldn't be big enough, short of a cameo for Philip Seymour Hoffman. And it's not a real cool cameo, or like, he knows the director real well, and is doing him a favor or something which happens from time to time. Venom's been my fav Spidey villain/antihero since I was around 6, but this isn't the way to do it. Unless Philip get's jacked, which he has the body to sorta do, dons a New York Accent, cuts and colorizes the hair and then fully becomes Brock--which would be fuckin' sick. A nice transformation on several level's for Hoffman, maybe some statues? Nothing serious maybe, but something cool.

July 1st I gave you A.G.'s casting. October 2nd, I give you this. They start shooting in December and Webb's been no doubt in pre-production already or he's starting, right fuckin' now.

Emma Stone has had a pretty solid career since she broke out with Superbad, showing off her uncanny ability to balance comedy against a difficult script. She's missed with a few dud's since then but that doesn't mean it was her. Zombieland and now Easy A are clear cut reasons that she can do what she does lil daddy's, and we all like it.

Marc Webb is a man of considerable ability and let's hope he keep's that approach with this that Sony hired him for from (500) Days. He can handle the personal lives of youth today with fresh and intriguing perspective. That's what got him the job. They really want to capture Parker and his shit really well, the strife of loosing, gaining, making due. Sometimes these smaller indie guys get scared from studio pressure and tailor the vision of the film to the suits that hired them, deleting the whole reason they were hired for their indie-incite in the first place. And then I throw my arms up in the air screaming like Tyler Durden when Jack doesn't get that he can't shoot an imaginary person.

Keeping my promise of keeping you posted. I'll continue to do so.

Munki out.

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