Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Godzilla" Trailer 2: The King of King's Has Returned

"The arrogance of man is thinking that nature is in our control--and not the other way around. . ."
                                                                                                                                                                            --Daisuke Serizawa

He looks weathered. He is not sleek and clean and forest green. No, this is no longer the lizard of yesteryear. He looks like a veteran, a war-torn and hardened solider. Exposed and vitriolic towards the world. He looks of a demon. A tragedy. An abomination.

A harbinger of Death itself.

Since I was a very small boy, this most tyrant of all things has commanded my attention in the glorious wonder of mayhem of the ballet of violence, adventure, drama and sadness.

There were times over the course of the career of the creature that it seemed as if all the pain of mankind was summed up into the mistake that was forged and thrust upon this planet--Him. And he was always there to remind us of his tumultuous existence and the dangerous game mother nature has chosen to play with us.

So it was with a great passion I bathed myself in when the news of this feature film being made in the true spirit of the legend's history. I have waited, with mental provisions in various forms until time came forth with the final product. And now it would seem those days are in the final stretches of delivering us the film.

Below is a little soliloquy I've written in response to my initial feelings after viewing the trailer that has newly debuted this morning. And suffice it to say, this is how you make a good old fashioned Hollywood Blockbuster. And yet, we see something so much more in this--a thinking man's film. With brush strokes of horror.

Director Gareth Edwards has said his goal with this was to present Godzilla as a "terrifying force of nature. A wrath of nature." And made an effort to treat Godzilla as a real-life disaster. All those elements and more are here in this bloodcurdling presentation of what's in store for us come May.

Kid tested. Munki approved.

"He stood in fearful amazement as his hands slowly rose to his mouth, his jaw was agape.

 Thunderous footsteps approached and his muscles were being commanded to move his body,  particularly his legs--but they were being insubordinate. They  wouldn't, or couldn't, follow the  orders of his brain. Others were rushing by in awe and delirium of the presence of the dark  royalty among them now. 

 Alone on the street he stood and watched as the King of Kings, the God of Death  marched  forward laying claim to his new found kingdom. A kingdom he took  willingly with no  politeness. Lands he conquered with no courtesy.

 For it was always his.

 He is Godzilla. Hear him roar."

Where will you be May 16th at Midnight?

Munki out :-)

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