Monday, July 16, 2012

Awesome Bat Symbol

Having been floating around since the third trailer dropped in late April, this here is sublime. Nothing more or less. Only matched by it's subtle nature in the way it can invoke feelings of nostalgia and at the same time create a new well of hope, and faith. This chalk drawn Bat-symbol is the Gothamites calling him back into arms. Wishing for a savior in a man they once respected, and then grew to hate, which in turn, transformed into a great missing.

"A Great Missing"
And the Batcomputer is now mine:

July 19th at Midnight--be there.

Munki Out.


  1. What do you want them to understand?

    1. That the chalk Batsymbol is a beacon of hope for his return, a call to arms (appropriate considering the filmmakers have said this is more like a war film than anything else).

      That I'm awesome for possessing the Batcomputer.

      And that on July 19th at midnight, (well 18th at 8 o'clock for me) The Dark Knight will Rise. . .